Succeed Releases a Newly Updated Software Platform!

Succeed launch

We are excited to announce that on November 16, 2015, Succeed released a major update to their Risk Management Center software platform. The Risk Management Center is a tool that helps organizations industry-wide develop a best-practice driven safety culture.

The platform’s interface has been improved with a modern new look and feel. The performance of the Risk Management Center has also been upgraded so that it’s faster and easier to use. Intuitive navigation and workflows make it easy to use for new users as well as existing users.

The Risk Management library now contains new multimedia training materials including safety videos on various industry topics that you can easily stream from your computer.

The Risk Management Center can be tailored according to an organization’s needs. The Dashboard is a prominent new feature that allows for custom alerts, notifications, and Quick Links™ which can point to frequently used tools and documents.

According to Curt Shaw, founder, president, and CEO of Succeed Management Solutions, “the revised Risk Management Center captures the best ideas of our customers, partners, and engineers and delivers a SaaS solution that is tablet-accessible, easier to use, and perfect for organizations of all sizes who want to develop a genuine safety culture.”